ACLU argues Occupy Oakland stay away orders are unconstitutional

My account on NBC Bay Area:

Attorneys for Occupy Oakland protesters are charging that stay-away orders to keep them away from Frank Ogawa Plaza and other sites of recent protests are unconstitutional.

American Civil Liberties Union attorneys representing four Occupy Oakland activists filed a writ of habeas corpus today that argues the orders are too vague, unfairly target a political group, and burden free speech without a reasonable justification.

At least 14 protesters have received stay away orders as of today and prosecutors have sought them for protesters they say are violent over the last several weeks, Alameda County District Attorney spokeswoman Teresa Drenick said.

The orders are a condition of release for protesters that have been arrested during demonstrations, for charges including inciting a riot, vandalism and assault on a police officer. They prevent protesters from going within 100 or 300 yards of Frank Ogawa Plaza.

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