Covering Occupy Oakland

In the eight months since I last updated this blog, I began working as a daily reporter for the Bay Area-based wire service Bay City News. This has been an extremely educational position, and has put me in all kinds of interesting circumstances, from watching the San Francisco Giants warm up on the field of AT&T Park, to being arrested in Union Square during the tail end of a protest over the San Francisco police shooting of Kenneth Harding, to sitting next to the White House Press Corps to see President Obama’s stump speech in San Francisco.

But probably the most interesting, and unexpected, story that emerged during my first few months as a daily news reporter was the branching of the Occupy Wall Street protest throughout the world. In the Bay Area, Occupy SF came first, but I was surprised by the rapid growth and clarity of message from the early stages of Occupy Oakland. While Occupy SF was struggling to maintain a handful of campers on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve building, Occupy Oakland established a small city outside of Oakland’s City Hall. And from there, no one could have predicted what would follow.

While not intended as a retrospective on the Occupy Oakland protests, here is a collection of my Occupy coverage over the last few months as the stories were published:

Oct. 20 ‘Occupy Oakland’ Encampment Becomes Bustling Community

Oct. 25 Tear Gas, Smoke Grenades As Police Give #OccupyOakland Protesters Order To Disperse

Oct. 26 Iraq War Veteran Critically Injured During #OccupyOakland Protests

Oct. 26 #OccupyOakland Marchers Disperse, Some Return To Plaza

Oct. 27 Veteran Injured During #OccupyOakland Protests’ Condition Improving

Oct. 27 As Police Appear To Back Off, #OccupySF, #OccupyOakland Celebrate

Oct. 30 Brief Confrontations With Police As #OccupyOakland Demonstrators March Saturday Night

Oct. 30 Mock “Official” City Website Offers False Apology To #OccupyOakland From Mayor Quan

Nov. 2 Thousands Of #OccupyOakland #GeneralStrike Protesters Continue To Demonstrate At Port

Nov. 3 Tear Gas, Smoke Grenades Thrown As Police Arrest Many At #OccupyOakland #GeneralStrike

Nov. 9 Occupy Oakland encampment must go, four city council members say

Nov. 9 Protesters Reconvene After Police Break Up Occupy Cal Encampment At UC Berkeley

Nov. 10 Fatal Shooting Near Occupy Oakland Apparently Unconnected

Nov. 13 Mayor Jean Quan met with Occupy Oakland protesters to discuss relocation

Nov. 14 Former Marine Injured In #OccupyOakland Demonstration Releases Statement

Nov. 14 Tree Sitter Remains In Frank Ogawa Plaza After #OccupyOakland Raid

Nov. 20 Six Arrested In Early-Morning Raid On #OccupySF Encampment

Nov. 21 Police Clear Occupy Oakland Camp from Snow Park

Nov. 23 Occupy Oakland Gets Evicted Again

Nov. 30 Occupy Oakland protesters tell judge that city violated its crowd control policy

Dec. 7 Occupy SF Demonstrator Taken To Hospital During Standoff With SFPD

Dec. 9 Union leadership critical of Occupy plan to shut ports

Dec. 12 Port Official Says Today’s Occupy Oakland Demonstration Caused “sporadic disruptions”

Dec. 14 University Officials, Legislators, Civil Rights Leaders Call For Conduct Standards For Campus Cops

Dec. 15 Livestreamer Hopes To Turn Occupy Oakland Reporting Into Full Time Job

Dec. 15 Occupy SF And Union Members March On ICE Office, Wells Fargo

Dec. 21 Oakland City Council Avoids Vote On Port Closure In Raucous Meeting

Dec. 29 Police Remove Occupy Oakland Protesters from Foreclosed Home

Jan. 5 Occupy Oakland protesters try to push way into City Hall

Jan. 8 6 arrested during anti-police march

Jan. 15 Two arrested at peaceful anti-police march in Oakland

Jan. 22 One arrested during mostly peaceful anti-police march in Oakland

Jan. 28 Oakland Police Say 200 Arrested During Occupy Actions (Later updated to over 400, but this was the initial information provided.)

Feb. 2 Oakland police remove ‘Aquapy’ boat from Lake Merritt

Feb. 5 No Arrests at Oakland Occupy Protest

Feb. 12 Two Arrested During Anti-Police Protest

Feb. 14 Occupy Oakland Spotlights Police Actions in Forum

Feb. 19 Occupy Oakland Weekly March Headed to Cal